Grants & Collaborations

Based on the belief that culture is a basic need the Prince Claus Fund actively seeks innovative, quality cultural initiatives in spaces where resources and opportunities for cultural expression, creative production and research are limited and/or threatened. One of the main activities of the Prince Claus Fund is the Grants & Collaborations programme, which funds cultural practitioners, organisations and artists through calls for project proposals.

The core values of the Grants & Collaborations programme are global reach, innovation in the field of culture and the arts, diversity of artistic disciplines, high artistic quality and social relevance of the work. The programme supports cultural initiatives that seek to enable development that exemplifies the values of the Prince Claus Fund. In addition to being a financial partner, the Prince Claus Fund contributes its expertise and its extensive network to its partners.


The Grants & Collaborations programme offers financial support to outstanding cultural ideas & initiatives through Mobility Grants, Special Project Grants and Long-Term Network Partnership Grants. The grant-making activities reinforce one another, address the needs of the Prince Claus Fund’s diverse stakeholders, and strengthen the Fund’s network of individuals and organisations throughout the world. Please refer to the sections below for additional information and how to apply.


Mobility Grants

The Mobility Fund supports the cross-cultural exchange of artists and cultural practitioners globally. By covering travel costs, such as economy plane or train tickets, the Prince Claus Fund assists in the professional growth and networking abilities of those it supports: specifically young and emerging cultural practitioners who travel for professional development, cooperation and exchange purposes. By supporting travel the Prince Claus Fund invests in the long-term professional growth of individuals who gain new contacts and build on existing creative skills. For many past partners, their travel supported by the Fund was their first experience outside their home country. The exposure to new contexts facilitated by the Fund often greatly benefits not only the individual but all those linked to the exchange. We believe that the mobility of individuals and ideas fosters contextual insight, inspiration and new motivation in cultural practices. For many individuals the support from the Fund is the decisive factor that allows them to embark on transnational opportunities.

Our Mobility Fund is open throughout the year to receive applications except around the winter holiday season. It is specifically intended for artists and cultural practitioners living in and travelling from countries where resources and opportunities for cultural expression, creative production and research are limited. Cultural professionals who are in possession of any passports from a country which is not on the DAC list are not eligible.

N.B. Please note that the Mobility Fund does not cover accommodation, visa, insurance or per diem costs related to the travel.

For more information on how to apply for the Mobility Fund, click here


Special Project Grants

The Prince Claus Fund’s Special Project Grants are administered through Calls for Proposals that are focused on a specific theme. The themes are based on the knowledge and expertise of the Prince Claus Fund’s network of partners, experts, and advisors, which allows it to foresee future trends and urgent issues in the field.   

Below are the 3 Themes on which the Prince Claus Fund will base its future Calls for Proposals:


1.     Capacity Building for Organisations in Refugee Camps

Selat: links through the arts’ is a Call for Proposals in collaboration with the Al Qattan foundation. The objective of the Call is to support the development of innovative cultural initiatives and individuals in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. Attention is given to initiatives that strengthen and encourage deeper professional interaction, understanding and collaboration among Lebanese and Palestinian communities.

2.     Documenting Visually Global Untold Stories

This is a Call for Proposals that covers two different collaborations.

a.     The ‘Arab Documentary Photography Program’ is a collaboration with the Arab Fund for Arts and Cultures and the Magnum Foundation. The Call focusses on the Middle East and aims to raise the level of creative documentary photography in the Arab region by training photographers in visual storytelling.

b.     The Magnum Foundation Fund is a collaboration with the Magnum Foundation. The global call aims to foster diversity and creativity in documentary photography. Selected projects are those that explore new models of storytelling, demonstrate a commitment to social issues, and/or are grounded in the communities they represent.

3.     The Future is Handmade; Re-Designing Crafts

The Future is Handmade; Re-Designing Crafts’ is a collaboration with the GSRD Foundation. The Call supports projects based in Vietnam that are working on empowering, revitalizing and reimagining traditional crafts within the Vietnamese context. The Call aims to support “out of the box” innovative proposals that breathe new life into traditional craftsmanship and handcrafts practices. 


The Special Project Grants support the development and sustainability of innovative cultural initiatives that make a difference within a given local context both in terms of culture & development.  Selected projects receive financial support to support initiatives that address pressing global social/cultural issues. Initiatives are selected based on the quality of the work and the relevance to the theme proposed.

For examples of the projects and themes supported in the past, please refer to our Review publications which can be found here.

For more information on current and up-coming Calls for Proposals for Special Project Grants, click here.


Network Partnership Grants

The Prince Claus Fund’s long-term Network Partnership Grants consist of three years of financial support for organisations that address critical issues. Through the Network Partners, the Fund supports outstanding organisations with a track record of quality and accountability and who can act as a ‘satellite’ of the Fund in the regions that they represent.

The Network Partners support the Prince Claus Fund in developing specific activities with the goal of expanding the network of both organisations. Through the Network Partnership Grants, the Prince Claus Fund offers structural support for organisations around the world with the purpose of enabling sustainability of ideas & programming for some of the best organisations that are working with quality cultural initiatives and creating lasting social impact and development.

Moreover, the Fund’s relationship with the Network Partners goes beyond financial support, and thrives on the creative ideas and dialogue generated between the partners the Fund supports. The Network Partners offer advice on the form and content of the Fund’s work and how it can develop, based on experiences from their own projects and extensive knowledge on global developments. The Network Partners are a core part of the Prince Claus Fund’s global network. This network enables a great diversity of disciplines, expertise, geographies and publics to inform and strengthen both the work of the Fund as well as the work of its partners.

The Prince Claus Fund issues one Closed Call for the Network Partnership Grants per year. For more information on current Network Partners, click here