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‘Three Crossings: El-Salahi, Hammons, Brouwn’ opens in Amsterdam

1.11.2017 ‘Three Crossings: El-Salahi, Hammons, Brouwn’ opens...

Starting 22 November, the Prince Claus Fund, together with the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) present ‘Three Crossings: El-Salahi, Hammons, Brouwn’. This three-part exhibition features works by Ibrahim El-Salahi (Sudan, UK), David Hammons (USA), and Stanley Brouwn (Surinam, Netherlands) at three Amsterdam locations. The works by these three visionary artists are innovative, minimalist,...

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Opening Pages Bookstore Café Amsterdam

18.5.2017 Opening Pages Bookstore Café Amsterdam

Pages Bookstore Café is popping up at the Prince Claus Fund Gallery in Amsterdam starting 12 June 2017. Samer Al-Kadri created the original Pages Bookstore Café in Istanbul as a meeting place and a space for spontaneous events, where locals and displaced Syrians alike could meet and enjoy literature, music, performance and art. Its motto: “Pages, it’s your home.”

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An evening with Tate’s Inti Guerrero

20.3.2017 An evening with Tate’s Inti Guerrero

The Prince Claus Fund, in collaboration with the Mondriaan Fund, are delighted to present a talk by Inti Guerrero, the Estrellita B. Brodsky Adjunct Curator of Latin American Art at the Tate in London, and curator of the 38th edition of EVA International – Ireland’s Biennial in Limerick in 2018.

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Why is culture so important?

5.12.2016 Why is culture so important?

We all take culture for granted sometimes. A movie, a concert, a play, a museum, a novel - culture is part of our lives. But in many places, access to culture can be difficult and being creative faces challenges. The obstacles may range from a lack of resources, to censorship, to violence and war. For the past 20 years, the Prince Claus Fund has supported artists, critical thinkers, heritage...

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Pan African Space Space Station lands in Amsterdam

12.11.2016 Pan African Space Space Station lands in Amsterdam

For the first time in Amsterdam: the Pan African Space Station (PASS)! Listen live 11-15 December here!

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