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La Filarmónica con sabor Latino: The Philarmonic with Latin flavor

20.7.2006 La Filarmónica con sabor Latino: The Philarmonic with Latin...

In 2006 Corporación Orquesta Filarmónica de Medellín, Colombia, under direction of Alfonso Arias, organized two free concerts in diverse public spaces in the areas of Medellín. For the occasion, popular Latin American music was orchestrated by composers and interpreted by the entire orchestra. The Prince Claus Fund supported this initiative.

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Art Project Frontera that was supported by the Prince Claus Fund in 2006 wins an important Award in 2008

1.5.2006 Art Project Frontera that was supported by the Prince Claus...

Laboratoria Curatorial 060, an interdisciplinary collective looking to question the ideas that both define and contain contemporary artistic practice in Mexico have won the First Prize of the Best Art Practices Award by the Italian Government, via the Bolzano Province for the project Frontera ' A rehearsal for the creation of a future society.

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Olhares do Morro

1.10.2005 Olhares do Morro

The Prince Claus Fund supports the continuation of a project set up in October 2002 in a favela "Santa Marta" in Rio de Janeiro: a photography laboratory for workshops. This is a disadvantaged area with about 12,000 inhabitants and many social problems and a negative image in the local and international press.

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Zuhe Niao: The left cheek

1.7.2005 Zuhe Niao: The left cheek

Zuhe Niao was created in 2005 when theatre maker Zhang Xian and 4 young dancers got together with various other video- and music artists to create a production called Tongue’s Memory of Home. Zuhe Niao is an independent company operating outside of China’s state-sponsored arts and entertainment systems.

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Kabul Cartoucherie, theater workshops in Afghanistan

1.7.2005 Kabul Cartoucherie, theater workshops in Afghanistan

The Foundation for Culture and Civil Society heeft in juni-juli 2005, in samenwerking met het ‘Théâtre du Soleil’ uit Frankrijk, workshops georganiseerd in Kaboel. Afghaanse theatermakers kwamen samen voor workshops op gebied van acteren, belichting en geluid. Uit deze workshops is een nieuwe theatergroep ‘Théâtre Aftaab’ ontstaan. Zij hebben het stuk...

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