Laurence  Hugues

Laurence Hugues

International Alliance of Independent Publishers, Paris, France, Cultural Organization The International Alliance of Independent Publishers, established in 2002, is an international network comprised of 80 independent publishers and publishing collectives from over 40 countries. As a non-profit-making organisation, the Alliance organises international meetings and carries out advocacy work to foster independence in the field of publishing as well as to promote development in bibliodiversity. It also backs international publishing projects — in the form of assistance with translation or co-publishing – undertaken by its members within the five linguistic sub-networks (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic). The Alliance network has grown tremendously since its creation in 2002 by a small group of professionals, and now represents a total of 300 independent publishers across its linguistic sub-networks. It is at present considered to be the only international representative movement dedicated to the defence and the promotion of publishing independence and bibliodiversity. The organisation’s capacity and function as a network makes it a unique and effective platform for publishing practitioners from all backgrounds to contribute to the development of the field, and to participate in ground breaking activities such as the advancement of e-publishing in the global context and the development of isolated-language networks. The essence of the Alliance’s activities is based in the principle of interculturality as it strives for the promotion and advancement of bibliodiversity. The IAIP is dedicated to the protection of publishing and editorial freedom, and as a network provides independent publishers from different geographical, political, and cultural contexts (many of which are considered Zones of Silence) the freedom to collaborate across cultural and linguistic lines and to promote and share knowledge and experience. Period IAIP network partner from the 1st of January 2010 till the 31st of December 2012. IAIP receives the amount of 180.000 Euros for this period of three years. Website Tags: Network partner, Netwerkpartner, Paris, Parijs, France, Frankrijk, literature, literatuur, publishers, uitgeverijen, platform, alliance, network