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The Prince Claus Fund is connected to an expansive global network of artists, cultural organisations and critical thinkers.


When asked what the Fund's motto 'Culture is a Basic Need' means to them, we received the following responses from various project partners:

"Culture is intricately linked to social and political questions; like food, shelter, health and education, we have an absolutely essential need to make our individual cultural expressions seen and heard; culture thus is a question of our survival. Hence, it is our right to be able to make our own cultural expressions, without having to succumb to the powers of cultural hegemonies." – Bhowmik, Bangladesh and India

"It means that Culture makes people look at each other like humans and not like numbers, not like consumers, not like machine components."  – Shahnoza Karimbabaeva, Uzbekistan

"Culture is the only factor that is universal to all societies and it connects us as a universal language. It’s the secret element that connects us to great collective unconscious. I also believe that it is as essential to us as the other well-established basic physical needs."                – Shehzad Chowdhury, Bangladesh

"To me, culture is human. A strong, free, real human will create a strong, free, real culture."    – Nguyen Phuong Linh, Vietnam

"The human need to express is the root of creativity." – Karen Ocampo Flores, Philippines

"Culture is a basic need because as a shared experience a group of people, nation or civilization, it mirrors the memory, spirit, struggles and the aspirations of humanity."       – Liza Maza, the Philippines

"No society can function without culture. Hence, culture is a basic need, and practicing it should be a basic right."  – Yuki Poudyal, Nepal


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Triangle  Arts Trust

Triangle Arts Trust

The Triangle Arts Trust (TAT) is a network that encourages excellence in the visual arts. By promoting an exchange of practice and ideas, it provides stimuli and opportunities for artists to realise their potential. The Trust’s activities lie outside of the institutional frameworks of colleges, museums and galleries, and are focused on providing space where the creative process can develop through...

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Associação  Cultural VideoBrasil

Associação Cultural VideoBrasil

Associação Cultural Videobrasil is a non-profit, Brazilian organization founded in 1991 by the organizers of the VideoBrasil International Electronic Art Festival and a group of artists interested in encouraging Brazilian experimental video. Today it is the centre of a major cultural network that aims at strengthening the exchange of experiences between Southern Hemisphere countries....

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Sadik  Harchaoui

Sadik Harchaoui

Member of the Board of the Prince Claus Fund, Chair of the Executive Committee of Forum, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Peter  Geschiere

Peter Geschiere

Cultural Anthropologist, Professor of the Anthropology of Africa at the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Herman  Froger

Herman Froger

Former Vice Chair of the Board of the Prince Claus Fund, Lawyer, former Ambassador to Sri Lanka, South Africa, Israel and Portugal

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