Facts and Figures

Graphs and Finances

The 2015 Annual Report presents the most recent statistics concerning the Fund's activities.

Renumeration policy

The renumeration policy for staff is regulated in the Working Conditions, article 5 and 7.

The renumeration of the director is included in the annual report and meets the CBF standard.

RSIN number

The RSIN number of the Prince Claus Fund is 805495125.

Complaint Procedure

Click here to read the Prince Claus Fund's procedure for filing an official complaint.

Mid-Term Evaluation - Moving Worlds

This report describes the interim evaluation of the Prince Claus Fund’s programme 2012-2016 as agreed with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2011.

annual report

The Prince Claus Fund's annual reports from 2002 to date are available online

The PDFs of the 2002-2014 annual reports can be found through the 'Choose a Year' drop-down tab located at the right of this page. Select which annual report you would like to view and download the PDF.


For the 2015 Annual report, please click below. Please note the annual report is only available in English.