As a Torchbearer you’re invited to support a specific project. Depending on your wishes, we’ll try to find a match in our broad range of projects that we fund.

Torchbearers will be informed with regular updates of the Fund or the specific projects that they’ve chosen. They are invited for previews and openings of exhibitions at the Prince Claus Fund Gallery and other events we organize.

We invite our Torchbearers to the annual Award Ceremony in the Royal Palace in December and the annual Prince Claus Fund Dinner.

Depending on your wishes, we work a tailor-made proposal to acknowledge your support, for instance by mentioning you on the Prince Claus Fund website, in our annual Awards book or in the Annual Report.


If you are interested in becoming a Torchbearer, please contact Coordinator Fundraising Liesbeth van Biezen +31 (0)20 344 9168 /


Herengracht 603

1017 CE Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 344 9160

+31 (0)20 344 9166