Procedure: Grant Guidelines, evaluation process and criteria

Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development     

The Prince Claus Fund believes that culture is a basic need and actively seeks innovative, quality cultural projects in spaces where resources and opportunities for cultural expression, creative production and research are limited and/or threatened.

One of the core activities of the Prince Claus Fund is to fund cultural initiatives through calls for project proposals in the field of culture and development.

In addition to being a financial partner, the Prince Claus Fund contributes its expertise and its extensive network to its collaborations and grants recipients. 

Closed Call: Culture in Defiance

Please note that the call for proposals is now closed. The deadline for proposals was 28 February 2014. 

The call: Culture in Defiance welcomed project proposals for cultural initiatives that strive for positive change and whose impact lies in creating opportunities of freedom of speech and thought. The call aimed at focusing on promoting art and culture that seek to re-imagine possibilities by creating a space for dialogue, critical thought and impact. The call targeted projects situated in areas subjected to censorship, conflict or oppression.  

The Programme Committee will evaluate all submitted application proposals sent in within the stated deadline for the call (28 February) according to the following criteria: Quality, Social/Developmental Relevance, Innovation, and Cost. 

Projects related to: development, scripting, production and post-production of short and full-length documentary, animation, experimental and feature films, as well as research and writing of literary works, novels, short stories, poetry and biographies will not be supported by Culture in Defiance call. 

Please note that the processing time of the submitted proposals is approximately 4 months after the proposal deadline. Therefore we expect to inform all applicants of our decision by August 2014 latest. 

More Information on the Culture in Defiance Call

The Prince Claus Fund supports projects with an average grant of 15.000 Euros. 

The deadline for the submission of projects was 28 February 2014 23:59 CET.
Only applications received before the deadline will be considered. 

For examples of projects funded by the Prince Claus Fund, please check (‘examples’, on the right) 

The Prince Claus Fund does not provide support to:

·       The development, scripting, production and post-production of short and full-length documentary,

        animation, experimental, or feature films

·       Research and writing of literary works, novels, short stories, poetry, or biographies

·       Scholarships

·       Infrastructural costs


Opening of call 28 November, 2013

Deadline of the call 28 February, 2014

International advisory board selection meeting 8 - 9 May 2014

Start notifications of projects that are taken into research as of 19 May 2014

Sending of rejection letters to applicants that were not selected for research as of 1 June 2014

Notifications of Grantees mid-August 2014


  •  About the Grant

·       Proposals submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

·       In the event that the grantee does not sign the grant contract within 60 days upon receipt thereof, the grant will be cancelled.

  • Eligible Candidates

·       The Prince Claus Fund invites all parties working in the cultural and artistic spheres in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, non-EU Balkan countries and non-EU Eastern European countries to send their project proposals regardless of age, years of experience, nationality, ethnicity, religion or any other factor.

·       This includes individuals and organisations concerned with culture and development.

·    The Prince Claus Fund only considers project proposals submitted by individuals living and working in or organisations based in Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, non-EU Balkans and non-EU Eastern European countries; support is not provided to foreigners who wish to travel to these areas to establish a project.

  • Eligible Expenses

·       This call only covers project-related expenses, and not running operating costs.

  • Place and Duration

·       No support will be provided retroactively, i.e. to projects already implemented.

·       Only proposals for activities that start at a minimum 4 months after the deadline of

of the call for proposals will be accepted.

·       The project’s timeframe should not exceed 12 months.

  • Eligible Applications

·       Previous grantees of Prince Claus Fund may not apply for a new grant unless the previous grant is finished and closed before the application submission deadline for this year.

  • How to Apply

·       Applicants may file applications online on the Prince Claus Fund’s website. Links to work samples on sites such as YouTube or Vimeo can also be added directly into the application. Photos, documents can also be directly uploaded in the electronic application form.

·       You will receive email confirmation once the online application has been received. You are advised to follow up on receipt for mailed material, as we will not contact you if any part of your application is incomplete.

  • Evaluation and Selection Process

·       Please see ‘Procedures’ for more details.

·       The grant recipients’ names will be published on Prince Claus Fund’s website.

  • Grant Contracts

·       Prince Claus Fund will draft a contract to be signed by the selected grantees. The contract will include contract start and end dates, grant amount, financial requirements, payment schedule, general provisions, implementation and amendments, required reports, and project results.

  • Payment Schedule

·       A grantee will receive 25% of the grant total amount as a first payment. Once a first progress report has been received, a second instalment of 50% will be made. Once the project is complete and the grantee has submitted the deliverables, narrative and financial reports, the remaining 25% will be transferred.

This grant selection aims to ensure that projects are selected in a transparent and fair manner, according to clear criteria and a rigorous selection process where due consideration is given to all proposals that meet our eligibility requirements. 


Phase 1: Intake

Proposals are screened by the Programme Committee in order to verify whether they fall within the Prince Claus Fund’s criteria for consideration. Only requests for activities starting the earliest four months after the deadline will be considered.

The Prince Claus Fund will send an official rejection letter via e-mail to those applicants whose proposals do not make it through the first selection.

Phase 2: Evaluation of Applications by the Programme Committee

The Programme Committee evaluates all applications according to the following criteria: Quality, Innovation, Engagement and Development Relevance, Costs.

The Prince Claus Fund will send an official rejection letter via e-mail to those applicants whose proposals do not make it through the second selection.

Phase 3: Research and Approval

The selected proposals will be researched and second opinions are gathered from independent experts. Although applicants may provide references, the Prince Claus Fund always seek independent and objective opinions for each proposal. Based on the results of this phase, the Programme Committee approves or rejects a proposal.

The Prince Claus Fund will send an official rejection letter via e-mail to those applicants whose proposals do not make it through the third selection.

Phase 4: Reporting, Evaluation and Communications

Once approved, the applicant is notified about the amount of financial support. A contract is drafted and signed by both the applicant and the Prince Claus Fund. Timely reporting and communication are preconditions for continued support. The project partner is also requested to cooperate with the Prince Claus Fund with regards to the development of the Review which provides an overview of the grantees, projects and contexts in which the projects take place. This entails the filling out of a questionnaire, and the documentation of the project in the form of high-resolution images/photographs.

After finalization of the project, the project and the degree to which the objectives have been fulfilled are both evaluated and documented. Exemplary projects that the Prince Claus Fund have supported are being disseminated on the Fund’s website and shared within its network. The grantees are announced on the Prince Claus Fund’s website.


·       Quality: Assessing the grantee's methodology and artistic/cultural quality of the proposed project.

What is the quality of the proposed project? What is the artistic/cultural value? What demonstrates the high quality in this project? Are the results specific, achievable, realistic, measurable and do they meet a specific deadline? To what extent is there coherence among the identified project objectives and expected outcome and results? Is the applicant (institution or individual) capable of implementing the project in terms of experience, professional background, education and talent? What is the organisation's track record?

·       Social/developmental relevance: Assessing the proposal's content, significance and importance to the culture sector, community and society in which the project activity takes place.

What is the project's relevance and significance to the culture sector and the country's and community's context? How does the activity engage with society? Does the project address current events and issues facing the country, region, community under consideration? What spin-offs or impact will the proposed activities create? 

·       Innovation: Assessing the contribution the proposed activity would make in its field or genre and its potential for impact in the local context.

To what extent does the project demonstrate originality and new approaches in its content and methodology? Does the project address issues that are unusual and open possibilities for dialogue and/or new interpretations of the social and artistic environment? Will the activity bring in new ideas/perspectives? Are applicants using new tools and forms of expression? Does the project offer new insights? Will innovative collaborations and networks be used?

·       Cost: Assessing whether the proposed project's costs corresponds to the project output.

Is the budget reasonable and suited to the project's objectives? Is the proposed expenditure justified? 


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