Komunitas  Salihara

Komunitas Salihara

Jakarta ~ Indonesia

Komunitas Salihara started as Komunitas Utan Kayu, a small arts centre in Jakarta, Indonesia, which was founded by several patrons of the Tempo magazine, approximately one year after the magazine had been closed down by the government in 1994. Some authors, intellectuals, artists, and journalists were also involved in its establishment. The project director Ayu Utami was a Prince Claus Award Laureate in the year 2000. The centre promotes freedom of thought and encourages artistic vision and creativeness, as inextricably linked processes. 
The community consists of Institute for the Studies on the Free Flow of Information (ISAI), Galeri Lontar, Teater Utan Kayu (TUK), Radio 68H News Agency, and Liberal Islam Network. Three of them that work in the arts—Galeri Lontar, Teater Utan Kayu, and Cultural Journal Kalam (the journal was already established in early 1994, with the full support from the Tempo magazine)—endlessly try to nurture and disseminate artistic and intellectual riches, whether it is through art performances, art exhibitions, lectures and discussions about various topics, or through the articles published by Kalam. Komunitas Utan Kayu organises the Utan Kayu Literary Festival every two years as well as a variety of festivals and activities with its national, regional and international networks. Komunitas Salihara operates in a newly democratic Indonesia where freedom of thought has not been fully accepted. Therefore, its political concerns involve combating narrow-mindedness along with its mission to promote quality in the arts. However, even with the changing political landscape it has detected a level of intolerance amongst civil groups that prevents the development of free thought. Most of the recent cases of intolerance are based on the manipulation of religious identity. Period Komunitas Salihara, Network Partner from 1 January 2004 to 31 December 2007. They receive 163,746 Euros for a period of three years.