Emile  Fallaux

Emile Fallaux

Leiden ~ The Netherlands

Emile Fallaux (Chair) is Chairman of the Board of the Nederlands Film Festival and cultural advisor. He is a former Director (1991-1996) of the International Film Festival Rotterdam and chief editor of Vrij Nederland, a weekly magazine. After leaving drama school in the mid sixties he started out as a journalist. As a foreign correspondent in Asia and the Americas, he produced and directed documentaries for public television in The Netherlands and abroad (1974-90). For his video letters from Nicaragua, Irkutsk, New York and The Hague, he won the L. J. Jordaanprijs for innovative television (1986) and the Silver Nipkow disk (1991). Fallaux acted in advisory capacities in the (inter)national film world and sat on the boards of many cultural institutions, a.o. Holland Festival, Fund for Cultural Broadcasting (Media Fund), the Hubert Bals Fund and Submarinechannel. He was founding board member of the Dutch Film Fund, the Rotterdam Media Fund and the Fund for Special Projects in Journalism. At the Prince Claus Fund he was a member of the Awards Committee (1998-2000), member of the board (2000-2008), and chairman of the Library Committee (2008-2010).