Drik  Picture Library

Drik Picture Library

Dhaka ~ Bangladesh

Drik: Profile Drik, Bangladesh is a distinctive multimedia organisation that has made challenging social inequality its central driving force. Over the last two decades Drik has successfully partnered with national and international organisations to conduct several successful socially responsible programs. Investigative reporting is an essential part of these programs. Credibility of information combined with powerful images presented in these projects have made it possible for Drik to bring out into the open opaque and delicate social issues for public debate and discussion. Thus, inherent in Drik’s work is this ability to use the power of the visual medium to educate, inform and draw powerful emotional responses to influence public opinion. Invaluable for this is the strength it derives from the Drik Picture Library, the photography, Publications, Audio-Visual and Gallery and Event management departments. Drik works in close partnerships with its initiatives – Pathshala South Asian Media Academy, DrikICT, Chobi Mela International Festival of Photography and the Majority World Photo Agency. Drik augments and builds on this strength through a wide network of global and local collaborators. Mission statement To use images actively to achieve our goals of supporting political and economic freedom in an ecologically sound manner. Profits to be reinvested to educate staff and those who are socially oppressed Artistic Policy of Drik Drik believes in the power of culture and promotes cultural diversity with an emphasis on visual medium. Its emphasis on Photography relies on the power of the medium to validate history and its ability to create a powerful emotional response, thereby influencing public opinion. Drik’s broader practice, utilizing the entire gamut of visual culture, is inclusive, but positively promotes majority world practitioners. There is a commitment to participatory production and the involvement of women, youth and marginalized communities. Period Drik Picture Library, Network Partner from 1 january 2005 to 31 December 2007. They receive an amount of 200,000 Euros for this period of three years.