David Hernández-Palmar

David Hernández-Palmar

Maracaibo ~ Venezuela

David Alberto Hernández Palmar (Wayuu) is a photographer, videomaker, researcher and independent curator. He has produced documentaries for broadcast in Europe for Deutsche Welle and Canal Arte and worked collaboratively on documentaries such as Dalia se va de Jepira (2006), Owners of the Water (2008), Wounmainkat - Our Land (2009), Indigenous Women and other forms of wisdom (2010).

He studied journalism at the Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín and photography at Escuela Julio Vengoechea in Maracaibo, Venezuela. He has been a guest researcher at the Anthropology Department of the University of Iowa, and is a member of the advisory boards of PeruVine/PeruDigital, the Ethnographic Digital Laboratory of the University of Central Florida and the International Ethnobotanical Association. 

David lives in Maracaibo, where he works closely with grassroots Wayuu organization Maikiralaasali. He writes for several publications, and collaborates with Isuma TV, ImagineNative Film+Media Arts Festival, The Prince Claus Fund, Endoc XXI - Meeting of Latin American and Caribbean Documentary Filmmakers, among others. He is also the programmer/curator of THE INTERNATIONAL INDIGENOUS FILM SHOWCASE OF VENEZUELA known by its Spanish acronym of MICIV, produced by The Wayaakua Indigenous Audiovisual Foundation of Venezuela. You can follow Hernández Palmar on Twitter at: @shiaakua.


Recent Work: Hernández Palmar was advisor to The special series NATIVe – A Journey into Indigenous Cinema wich has been devoted to the cinematic storytelling of Indigenous peoples worldwide since the Berlinale 2013. Every second year NATIVe will cast its spotlight on different major regions. Click here for more information