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In Memoriam: Didier Schaub

18.11.2014 In Memoriam: Didier Schaub

The Prince Claus Fund is deeply saddened by the passing Didier Schaub, co-founder and artistic director of visual art centre and 2009 Prince Claus Laureate Doual’art in Cameroon. The Prince Claus Fund extends its condolences to his family and our friends and partners at Doual’art.

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Dharamshala International Film Festival

12.11.2014 Dharamshala International Film Festival

From 30 October to 2 November the third edition of the Dharamshala International Film Festival took place in Dharamshala, India. The Dharamshala International Film Festival, which has been supported by the Prince Claus Fund, featured 27 films from India, Syria, Finland, Switzerland, Tibet, Mongolia, Palestine, Poland, USA, Bhutan, Singapore, Cambodia and Pakistan.

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Get Lost performance: Ivanov by Mehr Theatre Group

11.11.2014 Get Lost performance: Ivanov by Mehr Theatre Group

Get Lost (previously Ervaar daar hier theater) presents the performance Ivanov by Iran’s Mehr Theatre Group this November. The groundbreaking performance festival brings outstanding international choreographers and theatermakers to the Netherlands, and is supported in part by the Prince Claus Fund.

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Culture in Action: Prince Claus Awards Week

10.11.2014 Culture in Action: Prince Claus Awards Week

From 7 to 12 December 2014, the Prince Claus Fund welcomes you to 'Culture in Action: Prince Claus Awards Week’: film screenings, discussions and dance celebrating the work of the 2014 Prince Claus Laureates. Immerse yourself in Lav Diaz’s groundbreaking slow cinema, Lia Rodrigues’bold choreography, Museo Itinerante’s performative exploration of memory, Gülsün...

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Upcoming exhibition Principal Laureate Abel Rodríguez

10.11.2014 Upcoming exhibition Principal Laureate Abel Rodríguez

The Prince Claus Fund Gallery will exhibit a selection 2014 Principal Laureate Abel Rodríguez of his work in December 2014. The Gallery is now temporarily closed for the installation of the new exhibition. We look forward to sharing the new exhibition with you soon.

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